Our Leaders

Jean Bergstrom

When I was a baby my parents took me on my first camping trip. Thus began my life long love affair with nature. I grew up chewing on wintergreen leaves and sleeping on cattail pillows. I felt embraced by the wild world around me and knew I belonged there.


I have devoted my life to spending as much time outside as possible. In college I studied natural resources but my dad liked to joke that I majored in the Outing Club. I have worked as a ranger in the National Park Service and have traveled and led trips in the U.S., Canada, Nepal and Europe. I was an instructor in the Outdoor Leadership Program at Greenfield Community College. I have been an herbalist for 25 years and also a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer for 20 years. I have been studying animal tracking , primitive skills, bird language and basket making.  In 2013 I formed Her Wild Roots with my dear friend, Kathy Dean, and the two of us have delivered quality programs for women for four years.  Taking on Her Wild Roots as my passion project is a dream come true.


 Nurturing my creative side, I love making nature inspired pottery and watercolor paintings. I can't help but get my hands in the soil and so gardening is something I just can't live without and I grow almost all of my own vegetables, flowers and herbs.I am an adventurous cook and love creating new recipes especially incorporating wild foods.  I live in Leverett, MA with my husband, pets, chickens and my two grown sons who sometimes come back to the nest. I still love to go camping – the wilder the better!