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Plant Spirit Medicine


                                      You are a beautiful being, a part of nature. 

                              I invite you to blossom into your fullest potential. 











What is Spirit? 


 I see spirit as the animating life force within all living beings. We have a spirit and so do all creatures, including plants.  This might be a new way of thinking about things, but I am hoping that it resonates with you. 


These days, scientific evidence exists that points to the intelligence of plants, like the underground network trees use to communicate and care for their communities. Studies abound regarding the healing properties of nature, like the new trend in forest bathing.  Science is awakening to the thinking that indigenous cultures have embraced for ages:  in plants, there exists a deep wisdom, a spirit or life force, and that these plant spirits are benevolent and willing to help us.


What is Plant Spirit Medicine?


Plant Spirit Medicine combines this deep indigenous wisdom with ancient Chinese Five Element Theory into a profound method of healing. Using the five elements as a framework, we can look at the flow of the seasons and see how we are in harmony or out of balance with nature.  As the conduit for your healing, my relationships with the plants (over 20 years spent learning and journeying with them) facilitate this process.


When there is an imbalance we can call on the plant spirits to help. We go to the deepest part of your being to nourish the spirit and work from the inside out. The plants can assist in clearing away those stuck places that keep us from fully blooming.  They can help you step into your own true nature, a place of balance, where you can align with your strengths and work through your challenges.


Healing is an individual process and the course it takes can surprise us.  You may come to me for a bad case of asthma and eczema and in the healing process you may realize that you are no longer stuck in grief over the loss of a dear friend and that your spiritual practice is deepening.  Alignment with your true nature can touch spirit, mind and body, usually in that order.  It can be deep. 

How can Plant Spirit Medicine help me?


You may receive relief from a wide range of complaints with help from the plant spirits.


The physical – acne, asthma, eczema, digestive issues, crohn’s disease, GERD, sleep issues, low energy, compromised immune system, illness, disease, etc.


The emotional – anxiety, panic attacks, temper tantrums, disharmony, 

sadness, grief, triggers, etc.


The spiritual – depression, unresolved grief, feeling lost, not feeling like yourself, past trauma, wanting to align with your true calling, etc. 

What’s a treatment like?


Let’s meet for an intake. I want to learn about your life, what makes you tick and what brings you to this medicine.  I work up a treatment plan and then we start our process. Each treatment usually begins with a chat, with deep listening on my end, and then I use the techniques of Five Element Acupuncture, one of which is pulse taking to assess what’s going on with your energy.  I want you to feel safe in my practice and, so for many, it can be pretty relaxing when you climb up on the table for a treatment and when I channel the energy of the plants to help you.


As I get to know you better and the plants do their healing, I see that you too are a plant, a flower, blossoming.  In this way I can refine my treatments to meet your needs.  For this reason, I don’t recommend just one treatment, but rather that you commit to eight or ten treatments so that you can get the maximum benefit from this work.


Is Plant Spirit Medicine for you?


For twenty four years,  I have been deepening my practice and learning from my teachers, colleagues, the plants and my clients.  As a recipient of the medicine, I see how profoundly it has guided me in my life, it has helped me to be a better parent, partner, friend, teacher, mentor and healer.  My work on this beautiful Earth is to walk upon it with care, compassion and purpose.


If you are inclined to step into your true nature with Plant Spirit Medicine or to find out more, please contact me.  I am available for a meeting with you at my place, a local place of your choosing, or a phone conversation, (free, of course).

Call 413-367-2842 or email me at


Costs for treatment:


Intake:  $140

Healing session:  $80 - $100 (sliding scale available)


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